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Lunch Free at Stockdog Trials?

There is no free lunch in animal training.  Healthy animals won’t do something for nothing.  Some people are very disappointed by this, or engage in unhelpful denial contortions, most often when the species happens to be dogs.  So what about behaviors that go … Continue reading

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Cooked Chicken Also Now Dangerous?

This is from an article on rehabbing dogs with multiple problems, in which the author advises owners to: “• Develop a positive ‘cult of personality’ with your dog. If she thinks you are an influential rock star, she’ll want to please … Continue reading

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The Weasel Files Part One

I did this piece a while back (it may still be floating around on an unauthorized website) but I’d like to post it here, re-edited, because the topic, that of re-packaging basic behavioral science – sometimes mangled basic behavioral science … Continue reading

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